Oyamadai store



​Store overview

I want more people to know about Oita Nakatsu's soul food. With that in mind, we opened our first store in the Togoshi-Ginza shopping district, which is also famous in Tokyo.

After that, the second store was opened in Oyamadai, a quiet residential area.​ .. Aiming to be a restaurant loved by the locals of Oyamadai, all the staff are offering delicious karaage every day.



3-22-4 Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0086


Tokyu Oimachi Line Oyamadai Station

1 minute walk from the station . When you get off Oyamadai Station

Turn left and go straight. Matsuya on your left is a landmark.


Shibuya station

Transfer to Jiyugaoka on the Tokyu Toyoko Line → Tokyu Oimachi Line (for Mizoguchi)

Futakotamagawa Station

Tokyu Oimachi Line (for Oimachi)



Some menus at the Fukui Takefu store are different.

Please understand.

You can also download and print the menu in PDF. Please use it.

Telephone reservation

① Call and select the product you want to order from the menu

* Please order boneless peach and breast meat in grams or quantity.

② After telling the product you want to purchase, please tell the following contents

"Name" "Product name" "Receipt time" "Telephone number"

③ Please come to the store by the pick-up time

It will be charged when the product is delivered