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The 14th Karaage Grand Prix® Voting Begins! Exclusive campaign is underway!


Voting for the preliminary round of the 14th Karaage Grand Prix® to determine the best karaage restaurant in Japan has begun! Nakatsu Karaage Kei is also an entrant!

Nakatsu KARAAGE KEI has been growing together with our customers and we are aiming for the highest gold award again this year so that we can continue to contribute to our customers through KARAAGE. Please vote for us!

Voting period

Wednesday, December 9, 2022 - Thursday, December 29, 2022

4 Steps to Voting

(1) Login to the voting page

Please click the button below to log in to the voting site.

Vote Now!

(2) Select the SNS and media you wish to vote for.

Each person can vote up to 3 times, so we need your help!

Please choose from the following voting options

1. karaagenist

2. email

3. Twitter

(3) select Nakatsu Karaagekei "Boneless Thigh".

The detailed selection method is as follows.

Select "East Japan Soy Sauce Sauce" category

Select "Nakatsu Karaage Kei Boneless Thigh

Tap "Vote

4) Participate in the campaign and win boneless thigh meat!

Please present your vote management screen to our staff.

We will give away up to 3 boneless thighs for multiple media votes!

Please see below for details.

The "Aim for the Highest Gold Award" Campaign is now underway!

Right now, everyone who votes on the spot will receive a free boneless thigh!

Multiple media votes will get you up to 3 per person!

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